Now, how can we not be excited about this? We hear that our favourite virtual band Gorillaz will be back…in 2016!

We know, we know, it’s going to be a long wait but we are just so glad that they’re returning to the music scene after going on hiatus since 2012. The band’s comeback was confirmed through vocalist Damon Albarn’s interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, where they revealed that he is currently working on the reactivating the band with a new album due 2016.

Damon Albarns
Damon Albarn

During the interview, Albarn also revealed that he will be back in the studio to record a new album with “The Good, The Bad & The Queen”. He told the the Sydney Morning Herald that they are in the final stages now as the tracks in the album had already been written.


However, the English musician refused to share any info about the current status of his band, Blur. He said:

I would imagine there’s some kind of future, but at the moment there’s no time for the future – only the present..Who knows? I’m reluctant to say anything [about Blur], because if I do, it just gets taken out of context and then I’m accused of being a wind-up.

Albarn has been a real busy musician as he has been touring for his first solo album “Everybody Robots” and is currently working on a West End theatre musical adaptation of a children’s book. Thus, it came as no surprise that he has decided to push Gorillaz’s album release to 2016.  There are no further details about the virtual band’s new album yet but the new album is going be their first album since their 2011 iPad-recorded LP, “The Fall”.

So, are you excited about their new album? Although Albarn and his bandmate Jamie Hewlett have done incredibly well for their previous albums and “Feel Good Inc” is still one of our favourite “feel-good” jams until today:

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