Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding team up for yet another gorgeous track!

Photo via MTV
Photo via MTV

While Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding got all cute and smoochy for their 2012 track “I Need Your Love”, the duo‘s latest collaboration “Outside” is set to be the new break up jam. Still two weeks away from its official release, Motion has already started to breathe new life into what pop EDM has come to expect of artist who are on par with Calvin Harris. Following his acid house drop “Slow Acid“, Harris now previews “Outside” with Goulding, a closer step back into the radio realm he has championed a long time ago.

“Outside” starts slow as Goulding’s airy voice urgently tells the story of being excommunicated from a relationship. Accompanying her beautiful vocals is a sinister counter-melody with a detached, string-like motif that Harris has created throughout the song. Of course, it wouldn’t be a dance track without those claps building up to the climax, where the lyrics take a vengeful turn.


Apart from the release of “Outside” with Goulding, Harris has previously announced that the album’s forthcoming tracks will be feature superstar collaborations. Harris also also released Motion‘s track list (see below) for fans to dwell on as they patiently wait for the release of his album.

Photo via Calvin Harris on Facebook
Photo via Calvin Harris on Facebook

Motion is set for release on November 4th. In the meantime, listen to “Outside” here.

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