They crossed the line, she paid the price. MMA fighter Song Ga Yeon reportedly sought for mental treatment and psychiatric help after receiving malicious comments and death threats from the netizens.

According to Korean media outlet THE FACT, multiple MMA reps said that the 20-year-old MMA fighter has been going through a tough time training as she is deeply affected by the malicious comments she has received.

Song Ga Yeon


The statement reads:

Song Ga Yeon has been receiving treatment periodically at a psychiatrist’s office in Seoul since August. It is unsure how many more times she will need to receive treatment, and she is going through a difficult time. At a young age, it took a toll on her mentally. Although she’s used to the malicious comments, they have started going overboard. Her mental state is unstable so she hasn’t been able to continue training.

Even before making her official MMA debut, Ga Yeon received a certain amount of hate from the netizens for appearing on SBS’s variety show “Roommate“. Although she stated that she focuses on her sport more than her role in “Roommate”, many questioned whether she was using her sport interest to achieve her celebrity status. However, Ga Yeon proved them wrong by winning against her opponent at her first official match.

But still, unsatisfied netizens argued that the match was a set-up and she was given a weak opponent with the purpose of making her debut look good. In fact, she became the subject of sexual jokes and rude comments after being emphasised as a “beautiful fighter”.

seo doo won and song ga yeon
Seo Doo Won and Song Ga Yeon / Image

Regarding her current mental condition, fellow MMA fighter Seo Doo Won said it’s a shame that her condition has worsened due to the malicious comments. MMA organisation ROAD FC (Road Fighting Championship) released an official statement, stating that they’ve filed a complaint against a hater that sent a death threat to her on 20th October.

ROAD FC’s statement reads:

We have filed a complaint to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office against Mr. Y, who threatened to kill Song Ga Yeon with a chain saw… Although Song Ga Yeon has endured personal attacks and criticisms up until now, because the recent chain-saw threat is intolerable, we held a meeting and have decided to press charges.

Choi Young Ki, the lawyer for ROAD FC lawyer also stated that they’ve decided to take legal action to prevent things like these from happening again.



Oh dear, we hope Song Ga Yeon will get better soon. After all, she has done nothing to deserve all the hate and those death threats from the haters!

Stay strong, Ga Yeon. We’ve got your back!

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