Oh, ice cream frenzy!

Just last week, we wrote about South Korea’s honey comb ice cream craze that is set to hit Malaysia this year. This is because Milkcow Malaysia is slated to open its first outlet at Mid Valley Megamall come mid-November 2014. But that didn’t mark the end of the ice cream craze.

Source: bellhub.wordpress.com
Source: bellhub.wordpress.com

In early 2013, Magnum Cafe opened its first and only outlet at Siam Centre in Bangkok. Yes, Magnum, you know the one – the deliciously rich milky vanilla ice cream wrapped with a layer of irresistible chocolate. Of course, they’ve since launched a variety of other premium flavours and a smaller size e.g. Belgian Chocolate, Gold, Almond, Brownie, Magnum Minis.


Hence, enough to warrant the opening of a cafe of their own! Check out the gallery below for a rough idea of what a Magnum Cafe looks like, if you haven’t actually been there before:

* Pictures from here.

Well, as seen in the gallery above, the one in Bangkok looks like a quirky cafe that’s a cross between Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka, with cute interior e.g. furniture, deco, to match.

The star item on the Magnum Cafe’s menu (amongst other things) that people have sung praises about is perhaps the “Make My Magnum” (MMM) item. MMM allows patrons to DIY their own Magnum ice cream complete with coating, topping, and drizzling. Safe to say, you could end up with your very own version of epic yet luscious dessert that might or might not look something like this:

Source: thegrazingpanda
Source: thegrazingpanda

Think you could do better than what you just saw in the above picture?

The good news is, you will probably be able to soon – and you don’t have to go all the way to Bangkok, Jakarta, or Singapore where all the Magnum Cafes in the Asian region are located. Because we hear that a Magnum Cafe outlet will be opening right here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia soon!Ah, but where, you ask? Where else but one of the largest shopping malls in Malaysia?

Yes, Mid Valley Megamall themselves confirmed the opening of a Magnum Cafe in Malaysia via a Facebook comment on their Facebook page just a few days ago. They also posted up a picture of not even the slightest bit inconspicuous, suspicious looking hoardings around a lot on the 3rd floor of the mall. In case you missed it, here:



Also, from what we know, it’ll be opening on the 3rd floor of Mid Valley Megamall, not too far away from Golden Screen Cinemas. As of now, there hasn’t been any further news about the exact date, but we can’t pretend to hide our excitement even if we tried!

For now, keep checking back with Mid Valley Megamall via their Facebook page for updates.

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