These guys really know how to make a splash! Base jumpers John Van Horne, ‏‎Matt Frohlich‎‏, and ‏‎Andy Lewis‎‏ leapt off the 1,099-foot-high observation deck of Kuala Lumpur Tower (KL Tower) in Malaysia, then took aim for the 34th floor rooftop pool of a nearby building, according to Discovery.

“The kind of fun part for us is the ‘make it or you’re in trouble’ kind of way because there’s nowhere else to land,” Van Horne told ABC News.

KL International Base Jump Event


The website reports that the jumpers were in town for the KL Tower International Base Jump event, and the pool party was part of the festivities. But not everyone at the party knew that a few of the guests would be jumping into the pool from another building.

“There were a few people at the party who knew we were coming in,” Van Horne told the Washington Post.

In case you weren’t there in person to see them make their grand entrance, the stunt was recorded by a GoPro camera attached to the second jumper’s helmet. Watch:

Super crazy or what?

For more information on the KL Tower International Jump Malaysia event, click!

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