As the first post-reunion photo of Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong together hits the Internet, Tse’s ex-wife Cecilia Cheung has been spied with another man in Singapore.

A Straits Times Life! journalist caught a glimpse of the Hong Kong actress leaving a casual Thai eatery after lunch last Saturday with a man, identified by Hong Kong magazine Sudden Weekly as a Singapore restaurant owner named Martin.

Source: AsiaOne
Source: AsiaOne

She and Martin, a church friend, were at First Thai Food at Purvis Street with her 2 sons with Tse, 4-year-old Quintus and 7-year-old Lucas. Martin walked out of the restaurant first. Soon, the boys scampered quietly into the back seat of a black Porsche. Then Martin held the door open for the willowy Cheung, now a Singapore resident, who slid in wordlessly.


She was wearing huge shades, denim shorts and a shirt.

Source: AsiaOne
Source: AsiaOne

Their outing was the cover story of the latest issue of Sudden Weekly. Its report is not the first about Cheung, 34, with other men since her split from Tse, who has reunited with former flame, singer Wong.

But the magazine claims Martin has been wooing her for 6 months, reported Apple Daily Taiwan. It also notes that they wore “matching bracelets”, a sign of a close relationship.

Another picture shows the bermuda-clad Martin, who wears metal braces, standing by as Cheung and her kids boarded his black Porsche. They also had dinner together without the children.

Source: AsiaOne
Source: AsiaOne

Cheung started responding to Martin’s pursuit only following last month’s reports of Nicholas Tse’s reunion with Faye Wong, said the Apple report. They became better acquainted after she started patronising his restaurant. Martin reportedly comes from a restaurant chain-owning family and is also into property investment.

In an unconfirmed report today, Lianhe Wanbao identified him as Earn Chen, 41, founder of the menswear store chain Surrender and creative director of hip eatery Potato Head Folk. He is said to be friends with K-pop star G-Dragon and actress Fiona Xie.


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