Halloween is happening in less than two weeks and we simply can’t wait to put on our Halloween make-up and costumes! And no, it’s never too early to celebrate this spooky festival because we were treated with a bunch of horror films since the beginning of 2014. Because of that, we know that most people will probably end up dressing up as the popular cursed doll “Annabelle” or other horror movie icons.

But why not try something new and different? Ladies, time to throw away your cat ears headbands or bunny ears headbands and gentlemen, stop trying to be that guy with a dick in a box. Inspired by some of our favourite movie icons, we’ve got some unconventional costume ideas for you this Halloween.

For the couples: “Leon the Professional”

Leon The Professional

The last time we’ve seen anyone dressing up themselves as Leon (played by Jena Reno) and Mathilda (played by Natalie Portman), it was at a random comic festival. But, we can’t help but notice that their outfits might just be our perfect Halloween costumes! Of course, these outfits are not to meant to scare anyone off but wouldn’t it be interesting if couples could transform themselves into the unlikely duo?

Carrying a plant pot and drinking milk are simply some of the must-do things if you’re going to let people guess the characters you are dressing up as. After all, those are the things that always remind us that Leon is just doing his job as a hitman and he is not as cruel as he seems to be.

For a band of four: “A Clockwork Orange”

A Clockwork Orange

It’s going to get ultra-violent if a band of 4 comes into a Halloween party as the most notorious crime gang in the world! Taking inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s mind-bending film “A Clockwork Orange”, a group of friends could transform themselves into the sociopathic delinquent Alex (played by Malcolm McDowell) and his gang of thugs (Pete, Georgi, and Dim), whom he called his “droogs”.

The transformation is rather simple; put on Alex’s trademark eye-makeup and don the droogs’ signature all-white outfits then you are all set to crash the party. Another way to make your costume a tad more interesting is by incorporating other elements from Kubrick’s films such as “2001: A Space Odyssey” or his notable horror film “The Shining”!

For the mean girls duo: “Clueless”


Unfortunately, this year’s Halloween doesn’t fall on Wednesday so we don’t see the point of wearing pink for a Halloween party. But that’s okay! Now, we are given a better option to dress ourselves up by raiding the fanciest outfits from the spoiled Valley girls, Cher and Dionne!

Similar to “Mean Girls”, “Clueless” is one such chick flick that never gets old because of its spot-on approach on the rich spoiled child in Beverly Hills. Luckily though, Cher is not as mean as Regina George and she is an incredibly sweet girl – just a little selfish and spoiled by her father. From Cher’s Calvin Klein dress to her matching plaid suit with Dionne to their workout gear, you only have one choice to make from their walk-in closets. But boys, better get your hands off Cher because ugh, as if!


For Robin Williams’ fans: “Mrs Doubtfire”

Mrs. Doubtfire - Das stachelige KindermŠdchen

2014 has been incredibly depressing for all of us because we’ve lost some of the greatest actors in the world, which includes the late Robin Williams. He may not be here with us anymore but his legacy lives on. The actor has played so many unforgettable film roles which earned him several prestigious awards in the film industry. In honour of the greatest comedian of all time, we thought it’d be nice to celebrate this year’s Halloween by recreating his film roles. And our favourite? Definitely Mrs Doubtfire.

It’s an iconic role that made us laugh so much that it’s hard to erase that character from our minds. On top of that, it’s the kind of character that would spark some good ol’ memories and a good conversation with likeminded people who appreciate his films. But of course, if Mrs Doubtfire isn’t your favourite Robin Williams’ character, there are still tonnes of other memorable characters for you to pay tribute to the actor.

For the geeks: “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Guardians of the Galaxy - Peter-Gamora-Drax-Rocket, Groot

Step aside, Thor. You are not the only one from outer space who can rule a Halloween party because the “Guardians of the Galaxy” have arrived! Like we said, calling them superheroes doesn’t seem fitting in this context as the team is made up of 5 extraterrestrial misfits in space. Thus, transforming into these guardians wouldn’t automatically turn you into the cliche superheroes (no offence, of course, because we love superheroes too) that everyone is trying to be during this spooky festival.

There were way too many moments that you can reenact through this set of Halloween costumes. Be the Drax the Destroyer and your reflexes could be fast enough to catch anything that flies over your head. Unnecessary or not, transforming yourself into Rocket might just help you to get some free stuff, like how Star Lord helped him retrieve the prosthetic legs.

We kid you not but you might just be win the best costume of the night if you managed to make yourself look like the adorable baby Groot! Better make sure you can dance in that costume, though.

For the eccentric family: “The Royal Tenenbaums”


Sorry to say but the Addams Family isn’t the only family that we want to look like this Halloween. Royal Tenenbaums (played by Gene Hackman) and his family are one of the most eccentric families we’ve ever watched! There’s something about this weirdly structured family that got us hooked on them; perhaps it’s because Chas’ (played by Ben Stiller) tracksuit matches his sons’? Or the odd relationship between Richie (played by Luke Wilson) and his adopted sister, Margot (played by Gwyneth Paltrow)?

Through the characters’ unique personalities, we can imagine ourselves dressing up like them on the spur of the moment. So, if you’re were to reenact a scene from the film, a Halloween party could be the right place for you.

For the young at heart: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

From Edward Scissorhands to Captain Jack Sparrow to the Mad Hatter, Johnny Depp’s film roles have always been truly iconic. But among all of the characters he has ever portrayed in his career, his role as the oddly optimistic candy maker Willy Wonka is definitely our favourite. Why, you ask? Because the character is always hiding Willy Wonka chocolate bars at the most unexpected places, so much so that we would like to try and get some from him too!

The easiest way to transform into the eccentric candy maker is to don brightly coloured clothing and wear his trademark top hat that matches his bob hair. However, it’s best to put in extra effort by including the smallest details such as the accessories he wore, the gloves, his makeup and most importantly his sophisticated style.

For the glam-rock enthusiasts: “Labyrinth”


You know what would be a great Halloween party? A Goblin Ball. And what’s a Goblin Ball? It’s a magical party where you can get your once-in-life-time experience by dancing with Jareth the Goblin King, as portrayed by English rock singer David Bowie! The cult classic “Labyrinth” is that movie that made us fall head-over-hells for David Bowie as he successfully portrayed the strange yet attractive Goblin King. So attractive that it’s almost illegal.

Since it’s a magical movie, there are a lot of costumes that we can take inspiration but the most iconic one has to be the Goblin King. To give you an idea, another way to transform yourself into one of the characters of the film is by transforming yourself into Toby, who’s in the process of changing into a goblin if his sister Sarah didn’t manage to save him on time!

Now that we’ve provided you some of the most unconventional costume ideas borrowed from our favourite movie icons, who or what will you dress up as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments box below!

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