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As the dance music scene continues to grow and make its way to the top, it is to no surprise that documentaries following its success and evolution are becoming increasingly as popular. One sure documentary is 808. Set for a 2015 release, 808 is a documentary following the rise and sudden fall of the Roland TR-808, one of the most influential instruments in recent memory, and a vital element to the birth of electronic music.

The documentary directed by Alexander Dunn will explore the instruments role in the development of both hip hop and house music. It will also answer the puzzling question of why the 808 was discontinued at the peak of its success. To no surprise, the documentary will feature appearances by some of the music industry’s heavy hitters including Diplo, Pharrell Williams, Lil Jon, David Guetta, Fatboy Slim and more.


In regards to the interesting and unique subject matter of the documentary, Alexander stated:

“Making a documentary about a drum machine, a piece of electronic equipment, is an interesting challenge. It has no voice of its own, so as a protagonist it’s rather difficult to mold a story around. 808 has really been a journey of discovery for me. One that led myself and the team to meet over 50 musicians and artists from all around the world, hearing their personal stories about the 808 and the music they created using its iconic sounds. Those artists and musicians are the real protagonists of the film and the 808, in the hands of our contributors, would change music forever.”

808 will be out sometime in 2015 from You Know Films in association with Atlantic Films. Check out the trailer below as you wait in anticipation for this exciting project.

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