Would you consider yourself the ​world’s biggest fan of the UEFA Champions League? S​o much so that you even hang on to every word during the post-match analysis? Do you ​follow the Formula Grand Prix 1 so closely that you can almost smell it when the race cars smoke each other on the tracks? Does Malaysia winning the Thomas Cup mean much more than just a public holiday to you?

Then you need FourthOfficial.com in your life.

Source: www.fourthofficial.com

At FourthOfficial.com, you won’t find your regular game analysis, neither will you want your customary injury updates. What you will definitively find is the truth, completely unfiltered, presented to you by raw and opinionated threads, in the most transparent manner.


Equipped with a fine mix of renowned Malaysian journalists and a select number of highly acclaimed international sports writers, FourthOfficial.com is definitely the place to be for the absolute truth on all things sports including football, motorsports, badminton, tennis, and even basketball.

Source: www.fourthofficial.com
Source: www.fourthofficial.com

Their football team is unique​, with each and everyone of them coming from a unique background​, within the sports media industry. Moreover, they have​ also secured the services of world famous journalists in the form of Uli Hesse, James Eastham, and Paolo Bandini. Football will be the primary focus for now but the presence of other sports will slowly grow within the site as we move forward. But one thing’s for sure, their articles will offer unique perspectives that aren’t available anywhere else. See, they don’t beat around the bush. The only thing they do with sports​, is call it as it is.

Seriously though, why go to multiple sites for the latest all things sports when you can find all of it in one place? Exactly!​

For more information, visit their website or their Facebook page.

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