It’s about damn time…or not?

Rumour has it that YG Entertainment’s new girl group will be making their debut soon as an industry insider told Korean media outlet, Star News that the group is in the final stages for their grand debut. According to our source, Star News reported that YG’s new girl group is currently recording their debut track as they’ve have prepared for their debut for a long time.

YG Entertainment Pink Punk


Earlier, it was rumoured that the group will be making their debut on Jan 15, 2013 but the debut date was delayed to October. The debut was delayed once again to make way for YG’s new boy group, iKon. However, Star News stated that the next YG group will most likely to make their debut this coming November.

There’s no information about the new girl group yet but the girl group is rumoured to be named “Pink Punk” and the rumoured members are as follows:

  1. Jennie Kim (Rap) (Rumoured to be leader)
  2. Kim Ji Soo (Vocals)
  3. Jang Hanna
  4. Lalice Manoban (Vocals)
  5. Park Jinny
  6. Park Chae Young (Vocals)
  7. Cho Mi Yeon (Rap)
  8. Kim Eun Bi (Vocals)
  9. Lee Jookyung

YG Entertainment has yet to respond to the report but if the rumour is true, YG’s new girl group will go up against Woollim’s upcoming 8-member girl group.

So, what do you think about the rumour? Do you think YG’s new girl group will make their debut soon? Are you excited to see them?


According to Ilgan Sports, a YG rep confirmed that their new girl group will be making their debut in November this year.

Kim Eunbi

Alongside the news, he also confirmed that the former “Superstar K2” contestan, Kim Eun Bi will not be joining the group due to health issues. He said:

It is true. It is very regretful that a friend, who trained with us for a long time, has left without fulfilling her dream. It was decided that her [future] activities would put too much stress on her health.


It was revealed that Eunbi already left the group 6 months ago before making their official debut. She was one of the “Superstar K2” contestant that has joined YG Entertainment along with WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon in 2011.

There’s no official announcement about YG’s new girl group yet but the confirmed members are Kim Jisoo and Jennie Kim.

(Source: Star News via Soompi / Allkpop)

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