Oh snap! It looks like Redbull could really give you wings.

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Unfortunately, we don’t mean that in a positive way. Drug syndicates have found a way to offer drinks of energy drinks or tea a new high by lacing them with crushed-up Ecstasy pills. Police seized over 35,000 Ecstasy pills worth RM3.5mil from a condominium in Jalan Kuchai Maju in a recent drug bust which is believed to have crippled a “large-scale” Ecstasy-processing den.

However, it was what the syndicates were doing with the drugs that really caught the attention of the police.


Investigating officer Insp Muhammad Shah Rezza Abdul Rahim stated the following:

We found that they were crushing the pills and mixing them into packets of tea powder and Red Bull drinks. We found 12kg packets of Chinese aromatic tea which had been mixed with several kinds of Ecstasy pills and then repackaged.Syndicates were also mixing Red Bull with crushed-up pills and selling them in small dropper bottles. We have never seen anything like this before.

Photo via Sprintfit
Photo via Sprintfit

Bukit Aman Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department director Comm Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim said the new find was overy worrying as it allowed syndicates to distribute drugs in an discreet manner.

At a press conference following the drug bust, Ibrahim reported that the police seized over 35,000 ecstasy pills (worth around $1 million). The fact that the dealers are using never before used techniques to smuggle the drugs has local police worried, as it could make it a lot harder to stop future attempts to smuggle illegal substances. In fact, at the same press conference, the criminal investigation department director claimed that they had arrested 3 mules carrying over $500,000’s worth of methamphetamine through the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

We suggest you be a little more careful the next time someone offers you Red Bull.

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