Is he dating, is he not dating, you be the judge.

Following Luhan’s lawsuit against SM Entertainment, EXO is embroiled in yet another scandal as Chinese media outlet reported that Sohu caught Tao, the youngest member of EXO-M, hugging and allegedly kissing a woman after a gathering with friends on October 10th.

EXO Tao & Super Junior’s Leeteuk

Similar to Dispatch, Sohu has released a series of photos and a video that shows Tao hanging out with his friends at 2 different locations in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.


According to Sohu, the first gathering took place at a hotel in Cheongdam-dong and Super Junior’s leader, Lee Teuk was among the friends that attended the gathering. Tao was wearing a white sweater and a pair of blue jeans that day. After the first gathering, Tao and Lee Teuk talked to each other briefly at the car park before Tao rushed off to another hotel for the second gathering.

It wasn’t until midnight that Tao finally walked out of the hotel with a group of his friends and at that time, Tao appeared tipsy as he walked unsteadily on his way out. His friends had to help him walk as well. Just when Tao was about to leave, a female friend of his took Tao’s hand and hugged Tao before hugging the rest. Tao returned the hug and even appeared to be kissing her before leaving.

Thus, speculations ran wild and the footage as well as the photos have been posted all over the Internet. However,  many have debunked the rumour and argued that it was just an angle problem as Tao also hugged other female friends too.

If speculations are true, Tao will be the second EXO member to be in a relationship after EXO’s Baekhyun was caught dating Girls’ Generation Taeyeon earlier in June.

What do you think of the footage? Do you think Tao is just being polite and friendly with his female friend?


On October 14th, SM Entertainment released an official statement, stating that they will seek for legal correspondence with regards to Sohu’s malicious footage subjected to Tao.


According to Koreaboo, Osen reported that the agency will actively review the footage before taking legal action against the media that is responsible for the false reporting. The agency further added the press will be dealt with tougher polices in the future.

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