Did you hear? Rumour has it that dark and twisted storyteller and director Tim Burton will be recreating 1964 American musical fantasy film Mary Poppins.

The was first brought to light when reputable movie site Movie Pilot posted up a supposed Mary Poppins film poster, after which the news started spreading like wildfire.

Mary Poppins Tim Burton


Well, that does look real though, doesn’t it?

The post even went as far as stating:

Cate Blanchett is set to take the lead in Tim Burtons “Mary Poppins”.

Blanchett will star opposite Maleficent’s Sam Riley who is rumoured to be playing Burt the chimney sweep.

Quite what nightmarish vision Burton has in mind for Poppins is yet to be seen but it is thought he will be drawing inspiration from the source material of P L Travers books rather than the disney musical.

While that could be quite a dream come true for hardcore Tim Burton fans, considering that his past films include his take on old classic “Alice in Wonderland”, Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, and his very own all-time favourite film of many, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, the news isn’t quite true.

Because the truth is that someone with enough Adobe Photoshop knowledge created a mock film poster for the faux title!

Tim Burton Mary Poppins


As seen in the above picture, the poster shows what appears to be, the Lord of The Ring’s Cate Blanchett standing on Cherry Tree Lane with a series of umbrellas raining down from the skies. Although the poster’s aesthetic has a very Burton-esque vibe, eagle-eyed fans spotted that it had been cobbled together by adding the head of Cate Blanchett to the body of Doctor Who‘s latest assistant, Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman).

Oh well. Wishful thinking, peeps, wishful thinking. Perhaps some other time, eh?

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