Smirnoff Ice, the world’s No.1 Ready-To-Drink that debuted in Malaysia earlier in July, is preparing everyone for something out of this world come Halloween! By that, we mean that they’ll be playing host to a series of Halloween parties in clubs in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

As a lead-up to the Smirnoff Ice Malaysia Halloween parties, a series of unbranded street appearances by aliens took place to inspire an even more awesome Halloween. Droves of actors dressed as extraterrestrials took to the city, engaging in activities that range from the seemingly pedestrian to the bizarre.



Seen in Empire Shopping Gallery, 2 of the dressed actors were spotted casually buying supplies for what seemed to be a house party – much to the surprise of fellow grocery shoppers. High traffic areas like KL Sentral, KLCC LRT Station, and Sunway Giza had 8 familiar extraterrestrials challenging each other at a dance off, which to the weekend crowd resembled an aerobics demo or a friendly tussle.

A ghastly party will take place a Precinct 10, Penang on 25th October in collaboration with Soho Gastropub and Cuvee. In Kuala Lumpur, Smirnoff Ice will create the destination for Halloween at Nagaba and Lust, off Changkat Bukit Bintang, on 31st October. Expect performances from Darren Ashley, Indiego & Co, Biggie, Eva T, Jerryca Misty and many more!


To make it that much more interesting, Smirnoff Ie will also run contests on Facebook to spread the Halloween cheer. The “Jinx Your Friends” contest which starts this week and ends 30th October will give non-Muslim consumer over 18 a chance to win prizes for the parties.

Want in on the fun? Hit this link!

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