2014 is not a great year for K-Pop industry after all.

Lee Joon to leave MBLAQ

Following Luhan’s departure from EXO, another idol group member, Lee Joon from MBLAQ will be leaving his group after his contract with his agency, J.Tune Camp has ended. According to Soompi, Star News reported that MBLAQ member Lee Joon has not re-sign with J.Tune Camp.

Industry insiders told Star News that Lee Joon did not re-sign the contract with J.Tune Camp as he wants to focus on his acting career. This led to his withdrawal from MBLAQ as he will now become an actor instead of a singer. Most recently, the actor has confirmed his role in the MBC’s upcoming rom-com drama, “Mister Baek” that also stars Jang Nara and Shin Ha Kyun.

Lee Joon and Thunder
Lee Joon and Thunder

Moments after Star News reported the news, it was revealed that 2NE1‘s Dara’s brother, Thunder (Cheondung) will be leaving the group as well. Korean media outlet, TV Report revealed that Thunder will halt all his activities so that he can move forward and become a solo artiste or producer instead.

Regarding their departure, MBLAQ’s main vocalist, G.O has immediately left some questionable messages on Twitter after the reports:


In the end, the care/consideration is what must endure the burden of selfishness.

In another tweet, he tweeted that truths will come out soon, indicating there are more reasons behind their decision to leave the group:


Those who are bound to know, know everything. Believe what you see right now, because you will all find out [the truth] as time passes.

Despite their departure from the group, both Lee Joon and Thunder will still participate in MBLAQ’s upcoming concert, “MBLAQ Curtain Call” on 29th and 30th of November. It’s unfortunate that Lee Joon and Thunder have to make such decision to leave the group but we hope that they are are still on good terms.

What do you think about Lee Joon’s and Thunder’s departure? Will you support their decision to leave the group? What are the truths behind their departure from the group?

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