As the date draws nearer, YG Entertainment drops yet another teaser for a release dated 21.10.2014.

Previously, it was assumed that it could be an indication to one of YG’s artistes long awaited comeback. While Tablo of Epik High has hinted about their comeback with the group’s 8th album, fans of YG artistes are also hoping to see a new release from K-Pop idol boy group BIGBANG. There was also talk that it could the return of YG Entertainment’s baby idol aka Lee Hi. Or the long-awaited debut of YG Entertainment’s rumoured K-Pop idol girl group, codenamed “Pink Punk“.

YG Who's Next October 2014


But, as seen in the latest teaser above, all it indicates are the shadows of what looks like 2 guys.

Could this be a new YG Entertainment duo or a sub-unit? Or maybe there will be more teasers that make up a bigger picture (read: teaser pictures with additional members to come)? We’ll find out come 21st October!


Well, it has been revealed! Epik High fans, you guys ready for their new album, “Shoebox”? 😉

Epik High Shoebox

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