What, you thought that Calvin Harris would “quit” while he’s “ahead“? Not quite. Just when you think that he has decided to go silent for awhile, he takes his success one step further by announcing the major artistes that he’ll be collaborating with for his upcoming album.

Last month, we wrote that the DJ/producer has set a date for the release of his upcoming album, “Motion”. Well, now, he’s dishing out more surprises for his clearly insatiable fans! His tracks, “Summer” and “Blame” have already proven to be chart-topping hits. So how, one would ask, is Calvin Harris planning to top that?

By being bigger and better than ever!


Calvin Harris Motion

In a string of individual tweets, he built the excitement announcing some of the highest profile artistes in the industry today, as well as some massive surprises. It seems that he has roped in Ummet Ozcan and R3hab for some Dutch-heavy production, as well as Firebeatz. Not surprisingly, “Motion” will feature a vocal collaboration with Ellie Goulding, someone whom he has worked with previously for “I Need Your Love”.

After which, he ended the burst of tweets with a picture of the “Motion” tracklist:

Also, as seen in the tweet above, in addition to Ellie Goulding on vocals, he has teamed up with Tinashe, bands Haim and All About She, as well as Adam and Theo Hurts. The biggest surprises, however, has to be superstar singer Gwen Stefani and rapper Big Sean!

Source: www.public.fr
Source: www.public.fr

It has been a long time since Stefani has teamed up with an artiste as high profile as Harris, and Big Sean indicates a hip-hop element that he has not experimented with before. Oh yes, and Calvin himself will also provide the vocals on a few of his tracks on Motion. He said so himself:


Awwyis exciting times ahead!

Calvin Harris’ new album, “Motion”, will be released in November. You might or might not want to pre-order it via iTunes here 😉

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