Trust DJ/producer Mat Zo (real name Matan Zohar) to offer some comedic relief in the midst of a legal mess!

As you may know, former Krewella member Kris Trindl (aka Rain Man) is suing the Yousaf sisters (Jahan and Yasmine) for USD5 million after a messy breakup. He claimed that this was all due to the fact that he was abruptly forced out of the group under unfair terms. The Yousaf sisters, on the other hand, claimed that he resigned on his own.

The Krewella trio in happier times
The Krewella trio in happier times

Much contradiction, such drama.


But now it seems that Mat Zo wants in on some of the action! The DJ/producer, known to be quite a “laser mouth” on social media, has recently joined the list of DJs and producers who want to have their say on Krewella’s legal mess. However, instead of directly bashing the trio duo, he offered up something to laugh about. Apparently, he texted Yasmine to ask her if he could join the group, offering to “produce the shit” out of her.


Of course, he’s only joking 🙂

But imagine what would happened if Mat Zo really did though!


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