Uhm, what? YG Entertainment has dropped yet another Who’s Next poster?

The first teaser (for 10.10.2014) was revealed just 24 hours ago. But now it looks like fans of YG Entertainment and its artistes will have 2 awesome surprises in store this month! Also, this has never happened before in history! YG Entertainment’s “Who’s Next?” teasers are usually released one by one, and spread over a span of time. Hardly twice in a month.

YG Who's Next Red October
Source: YG Entertainment

As seen in the picture above, this second one is dated 21.10.2014.


So let the speculations begin. While Tablo of Epik High has hinted about their comeback with the group’s 8th album, fans of YG artistes are also hoping to see a new release from K-Pop idol boy group BIGBANG. But what if the “Who’s Next?” posters are referring to different things i.e. for an album comeback, 21.10.2014 for a solo single, and not 2 albums?

What if it’s the return of YG Entertainment’s baby idol aka Lee Hi. Or the long-awaited debut of YG Entertainment’s rumoured K-Pop idol girl group, codenamed “Pink Punk“?

YG Entertainment Pink Punk

Who do you think it’s going to be? Who do you want to see most?

Let us know in the comments box below!

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