Finally, the cat is out of the bag!

The third “Sherlock Holmes” film has been confirmed as the actor who played the English detective, Robert Downey Jr. let slip that the film is currently in development. He confirmed it himself during his “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit:

Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes 3


Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise as Warner Bros did previously announce (in October 2011) that the first draft for the third film is in the work.

Also, last year, Jude Law (who played Dr Watson) revealed that the film was being written. He also revealed that the production team is trying their best to produce a film that is smarter and cleverer than the previous films.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson

It’s a huge relief to know that the film is finally in development now as the last film “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” was released 3 years ago. Guy Ritchie is set to direct the third instalment of the film while Iron Man 3’s screenwriter Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3) is penning the script.

Other than the news about “Sherlock Holmes 3”, the actor answered several other questions about his roles in “Iron Man” and “Tropic Thunder” respectively. When asked about his opinion on Benedict Cumberbatch (who portrayed the detective in BBC hit TV Series “Sherlock“), the actor responded:

Very impressed with Benedict. Such smart writing on that show. I have screen envy.

Aww don’t be envious of him, Robert. You’ve been a great and memorable Sherlock Holmes too!

Besides, we can’t wait to see the third “Sherlock Holmes” soon!


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