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Instagram was introduced to everyone on October 6th, 2010 and boy, it’s been nothing but a huge hit. From taking pictures of brunches to concerts to seflies, the Instagram game includes photography as well as hashtagging skills. Today, the popular photo-sharing app that most of you would check first thing in the morning has amassed over 200 million users who are posting roughly 60 million photos a day.

With Instagram being one of the most popular photo-sharing app in today’s world, we are sure you’ve come across Selfie Sundays, Man Crush Mondays, Throwback Thursdays, and random but super cute kitten photos. If you’re are sick of them and if you’re looking for something new, this list is for you. We’ve rounded up 8 producer and DJ Instagram accounts that will cure your Instablahs just by clicking the follow button.

Some are funny, some will give you chills, one may cause uncontrollable twerking, but they are all worth a thousand words and more. Enjoy!

1. Diplo


Woke up in a shiny suit

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Posts: 2871

Followers: 803,994

Why You Should Follow: Because it’s Diplo. That’s all the reason one needs to follow him on Instagram. But, just in case you need a little more convincing, Diplo’s Instagram account consists of countless throwback Thursday photoshops and half-naked girls. If that doesn’t do it for you, the undeniably good looking DJ also posts some of the most adorable pictures of/with his son. From throwback Thursdays photoshops to ratchetivity to pictures of his son to pictures of him ballin’ with Skrillex, Diplo will give life to your Instagram feed.

2. Calvin Harris



Prague! View on Instagram

Posts: 1168

Followers: 1,509,143

Why You Should Follow: Considering that Calvin Harris has had a pretty massive 2014, the 30-year-old Scottish DJ/Producer is definitely one you should keep yourself updated with. A little trippy, a little weird, and very visually appealing, his Instagram consists of short Insta video clips to pictures of him on tour and of him living his life. Also, Calvin Harris drops some of his biggest news via his Instagram account. Need I say more? 😉

3. Zedd


Posts: 1168

Followers: 1,509,143

Why You Should Follow: Having Zedd on your Instagram news feed is just a like a breath of fresh air. Be it chilling with Skrillex or Martin Garrix, or him just DJing or having a drink, the cutie pie always manages to make some of the funniest faces you will ever see.

4. Adventure Club


Thanks @nellcote833 so good

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Posts: 435

Followers: 80,102

Why You Should Follow: If you’re in need of some serious laughter, then Adventure Club is a must follow on Instagram. Providing fans and followers with hysterical pictures from modified album covers to Amazon book suggestions, to festival outfit ideas to pretty much just enjoying life, this Canadian duo is bound to cheer you up with their pictures.

5. Dillon Francis



Woke up like dis View on Instagram

Posts: 1741

Followers: 396,642

Why You Should Follow: Is Dillon Francis really just Dillon Francis? Or is he DJ Hanzel or fashionista Klaud or Treva or Greg or is he Rave Dad? Whoever he is, we love him and his Instagram postings! If you follow Dillon Francis, not only will you get to know his multiple personalities, but you will also gain top notch Tinder tips. 😉

6. Dada Life


On our way to Big Slap! All you need is one smile, we will give you all night!

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Posts: 1037

Followers: 177,380

Why You Should Follow: Bananas, champagne, and debauchery – that’s what the Dada Land has to offer. Sweedish DJ duo Dada Life has mastered the art of getting ugly look pretty dope. To sum it up, just do the Dada.

7. Stafford Brothers



Just surfed Newport. Next stop @SutraOC tonight!!! Custom boards: @Melowise View on Instagram

Posts: 464

Followers: 32,256

Why You Should Follow: Known for throwing some of the wildest parties, Australian brothers Stafford Brothers owns one of the funniest and wildest Instagram accounts. Follow them on Instagram for their share of epic parties, blown up kangaroos, the boys getting into trouble with the law and pretty much just turning things up.

8. Skrillex


And @zedsdead_hooks for merckin this piece !!!

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Posts: 759

Followers: 1,572,702

Why You Should Follow: Last but not least, we have Skrillex! From pictures of him tearing things up with Diplo to a random picture of the Power Rangers and to him laying down some of the sickest sets, Skrillex’s Instagram account will make you wish you were living his life. In a way, you kind of are, through his pictures!

Did we forget anyone? Share with us your thoughts on which DJ has the whackiest Instagram account below.

*Disclaimer: All post and follower numbers are accurate as of of October 7th and are subject to change.

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