Talent agency Woollim Entertainment (home to INFINITE, Nell, and Tasty) have revealed that they are finally ready to debut their new girl group. Yes, the same one that fans have been waiting for with bated breaths for the past 5 years.

Woollim New Girl Group


According to soompi, citing Xports News, a Woollim Entertainment rep said:

The new eight-member girl group will be making its debut in early November. The group’s name still unconfirmed, and we are now working on the album with (singer and producer) Yoon Sang, who will be taking charge of production.

So far, they’ve confirmed 4 of the members: Baby Soul, Yoo Ji Ae, Lee Mi Joo, and Jin. All 4 are Woollim rookies which have already made various appearances as part of promotions for the agency. For example, Jin previously release a solo single while Yoo Ji Ae has made an appearance on an Mnet program alongside INFINITE. Mi Joo was also spotted in INFINITE’s “Last Romeo” MV in the past:

According to Newsen, citing a Woollim Entertainment rep, the girl group will debut early next month.

Ooh. Who’s looking forward to it? What do you think their concept will be like? Who do you think the other 4 members are? Let us know in the comments box below!

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