Just last month, we wrote that YG Entertainment will be collaborating with Yuehua Entertainment to debut a new 5-member boy group, UNIQ. The name derived from the words “unique” and “unicorn” to symbolise their uniqueness and their pure spirit.

The group also consists of both Chinese and Korean members that have been secretly training under YG Entertainment.

UNIQ Debut


They are:

  1. Sung Joo (Korean)
  2. Seung Youn (Korean)
  3. Wen Han (Chinese)
  4. Zhou Yi Xuan (Chinese)
  5. Yi Bo (Chinese)

And now, it has just been confirmed that UNIQ will be making their debut on 20th October with their single, “Falling In Love”!

Also, according to akp, although the group has been under intense training for the past 3 years and 9 months (1400 days in total) with YG Entertainment, UNIQ will be active under a Korean agency called Dragon Music. In China, however, they’ll be under Yuehua Entertainment, as previously mentioned.

Nevertheless, we’re excited to officially meet them this 20th! Check out their individual teasers below:

1. Sung Joo

2. Yi Bo


3. Seung Yoon

4. Wen Han

5. Zhou Yi Xuan

Do you already have a favourite? Let us know who and why in the comments box below!

Don’t forget to follow the UNIQ boys in Twitter and Weibo.

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