Oh gosh, excitement is brewing in the K-Pop world as we speak!

It looks like one of the entertainment agency’s portfolio of talented artistes/idols will be making a comeback. We know this because YG Entertainment recently posted up their latest “Who’s Next” teaser, hinting at a pending return.

YG Entertainment Who's Next 10th October
Source: YG Entertainment

Just so you know, this is not the first time YG has done this. Previous times includes teasers for 2NE1 leader CL’s first solo single in 5 whole years and BIGBANG member Taeyang’s new album, “RISE“. So it’s safe to say then whenever YG releases a “Who’s Next?” hint, it almost always means big news!


As far as we know, Epik High was the only YG Entertainment group that has previously hinted about making a return with the release of their upcoming album. Epik High, via Tablo, announced on Twitter that the group will make a comeback with their 8th album (the first one in 2 years) after their last in 2012:



Fans! Sorry for making you wait for 2 years. We finally finished recording for Epik High’s 8th album a few days ago. There’s still a lot left to do but we sweat because you are waiting for us.

Meanwhile, fans have also been waiting with bated breaths for the return of YG Entertainment’s baby idol aka Lee Hi. And what about YG Entertainment’s rumoured K-Pop idol girl group, codenamed “Pink Punk“? Or perhaps, BIGBANG, whom VIPs (as BIGBANG fans are lovingly called) haven’t officially heard from since the release of “Still Alive“.

The possibilities are endless!

Looks like 2014 is panning out to be one of YG Entertainment’s busiest times having launched their new clothing line “NONA9ON” as well as their new survival program “MIX & MATCH“. All of that on top of their YG Family concert tour! Let’s not forget that they’ve got that new Korean-Chinese boy group called “UNIQ” which is set to debut under Yuehua Entertainment.

As stated on the teaser poster, more information will be released on 10th October.


YG Entertainment has revealed a poster bearing answers to this “Who’s Next?” mystery. It’s none other than Akdong Musician’s digital single release for their new song, “Time & Fallen Leaves”.

AkDong Musician Time And Fallen Leaves Single
Source: yg-life.com

But it  ain’t over yet because there’s still one more reveal to go!

Who do you think it’ll be? Which artiste would you like to see make a comeback? Let us know in the comments box below!


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