SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man‘s wife has passed away.

New Daily reported that Lee Soo Man’s wife passed away, succumbed to an illness. Initially, there were no other details about her supposed passing away. Until 9AM KST, TVDaily attempted to call SM Entertainment for more information, but SM Entertainment was not available for comment.

Lee Soo Man


However, SM Entertainment has now released an official statement confirming that she has passed away:

Producer Lee Soo Man’s wife, Kim Eun Jin, has passed away on September 30th from small intestine cancer. Her cancer was first discovered in December 2012, and after a large surgery in January 2013, she has been continuously receiving treatments such as chemotherapy. Producer Lee Soo Man stayed by her side day and night as soon as her cancer was discovered until the moment of her death. But ultimately, her cancer relapsed. After 2 years of fighting the illness, she has passed away on September 30, 2014.

K-Pop idol boy group Super Junior member and South Korean heartthrob Siwon Choi also just took to Twitter to say:

Our deepest condolences to CEO Lee Soo Man and family.


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