From the master of sex to the duality-obsessed villain, Nicholas D’Agosto is the latest actor to join the cast of Gotham TV series as fans’ favourite comicbook villain, Two-Face!

As you may already know, Two-Face was once Harvey Dent, a young district attorney who vows to end all the criminal activities in the corrupted city of Gotham. Thus, the Batman prequel series will first introduce Nicholas D’Agosto as the just and fair district attorney before he becomes one of Batman’s arch enemies.

Nicholas D'Agosto in Gotham as Two-Face

However, the Master of Sex actor will only appear in the series as a guest star since season one of the series is currently focusing on the origin story of Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin (played by Robin Lord Taylor). Just like most of the characters that were featured in the series’ promo posters, D’Agosto will most likely become a regular cast in the upcoming season of the series.


Since the young Bruce Wayne has yet to become the silent guardian and watchful protector of the city – Batman, the villains introduced in the series will be going up against detective James Gordon instead before Batman emerges as the new hero in the city.

Gotham Two-Face

It is not known which episode will Harvey Dent appear in the series yet but just tune in to WarnerTV HD (HyppTV Channel 613) as new episodes will air every Thursday at 9pm with repeats on Thursdays at 11:30pm; Fridays at 12noon, and Sundays at 10pm!

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