Oh boy. Not one, or 2, or 3, but 4 idol group members from SM Entertainment will not be attending this year’s SMTOWN concert in Tokyo, Japan.

According to Soompi, SM Entertainment reps revealed to Korean media outlets that EXO’s Luhan, f(x)’s Sulli, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, and Jessica will be absent at SMTOWN Live Tokyo concert which is held on October 4th and October 5th.

Jessica and Sulli
f(x)’s Sulli and Girls’ Generation’s Jessica

Understandably, we know that Jessica will not be joining SNSD Girls’ Generation for the concert as she was kicked out of the group. Sooyoung will not perform concert as well due to the filming schedule of her latest drama “My Spring Day”. As for f(x)’s Sulli, the member will not be attending the concert since she has requested to go on a temporary hiatus following a string of bad, cold, and untrue rumours about her.


Unfortunately for Luhan, he’s forced to take a break from the concert again due to growing health concerns. It is not known how long his break will last but rumour has it that it might take a while for him to recover.

EXO Luhan Overworked
EXO’s Luhan

On a positive note, their fellow labelmate, Onew from SHINee will return to perform at SMTOWN Live Tokyo concert after recovering from his recent surgery.

As we’ve previously mentioned, this isn’t the first time a K-Pop idol is overworked and for some reason, we also hope that Sulli is not struck with any health problems that forced her to take a temporary hiatus.

Get well soon, Luhan!


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