Earlier in July, Marvel announced a huge change (read: twist) to the iconic Thor comic series – the new Thor would be a woman. Right after that, Marvel continued to make headlines when announced yet another crazy change – that Steve Rogers aka Captain America will be replaced with a new African-American Captain America. Let’s not forget that they killed off their X-Men seminal character, Wolverine, too.

While these changes are a little hard to digest for hardcore Marvel comic fans, with some silently protesting Marvel’s decisions, now, we have a preview of the first issue featuring female Thor:

Female Thor Marvel
Marvel’s cover of female Thor’s first issue.

Writer Jason Aaron told HuffPost Entertainment:


This was all my idea. This is where it’s been headed for the past couple of years. People always ask was it different writing a female lead character? I always think that’s a strange question. I’m writing a god, so it’s not like I have to suddenly stop and change everything I do because it’s a female lead. It’s the same Thor story I’ve been doing. The hero will be different. But it’s still, at the heart, a Thor story.

As such, he suggested that her powers will differ slightly from those of the last man to hold the hammer.

Page 11 shows the old Thor's struggle to go on.
Page 11 shows the old Thor’s struggle to go on.

The first issue features the old Thor walking away from the hammer after he finds himself unworthy.

According to Jason Aaron:

I liked the idea that this god of thunder, this amazing hero who has saved the universe so many times, that every day he would wake up and he wouldn’t know if he could pick up the hammer again. I wanted to get to the point where he couldn’t pick it up and he wanted someone else to come along and carry it for a while.

Just so happens, that person is a woman.

Page 27, in which the new Thor is revealed.
Page 27, in which the new Thor is revealed.

What do you guys think? Love it or hate it? Go or no go? Let us know what you think in the comments box below!

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for Marvel to unveil more surprises as they’ve blocked off some dates right until 2019 for their upcoming movies.



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