It came as no surprise to us that the hype has been built up way before “The Conjuring” spin-off film, “Annabelle” was released worldwide. Despite making only a cameo appearance in 2013’s hit horror film “The Conjuring”, the creepy-looking haunted doll Annabelle instantly became popular. Since there are more stories to be told about the doll, a spin-off film “Annabelle” is born.

#Annabelle: #TheConjuring Doll To Retail Soon, Scarily

Earlier in July, Warner Bros and New Line confirmed that the doll will be making its return through the spin-off film and announced that the film will be released worldwide this October. However, the stars who portrayed the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren will not be appearing in the spin-off film as the film is set to be an origin story for Annabelle.


If you’re excited as we are, here’s getting to know a little more about “Annabelle”:

1. From cinematographer to director

“The Conjuring” cinematographer, John R. Leonetti became the director for the spin-off film as the previous director James Wan announced he’s retiring his directing work for the horror genre. Together with Peter Safran, James Wan continued to assist the new director and became the producer for the film instead. The script of the film is written by Gary Dauberman, who has previously done uncredited production rewrites for both “Final Destination 5” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street”.

2. Connection between the female lead and Annabelle the doll

Annabelle Wallis horror film

The female lead of the film was cast to portray the male lead’s expectant wife Mia Gordon who is obsessed with rare vintage doll. In the beginning of the film, the female lead receives the doll from her husband and names the doll Annabelle.

Ironically, the actress shares the same name with the doll as her real name is Annabelle Wallis.

3. Based on a true story investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren

Warren Occult Museum

“Annabelle” is based on a true story investigated by the paranormal investigators pairing Ed and Lorraine Warren. The doll is part of the demonic objects collection that they’ve displayed in the Warren Occult Museum. Back in 70s, the couple gained their popularity through their doll as the story of the doll is considered unique from the rest of the possessed items.


According to the paranormal investigators, the doll was manipulated by the evil spirits rather than possessed by it as the spirits can only possess living human bodies. Thus, the investigators took the doll and locked it in a container to prevent it from infesting the humans.

4. The real Annabelle doll

Annabelle real doll

Well, believe it or not, the Annabelle doll isn’t as scary as it looks in real life. In fact, the doll is a large rag doll that was named as Raggedy Ann.

5. R rating

No nudity, no vulgarity; the film seems like a perfect horror film for all to watch but clearly, “Annabelle” is not for the weak hearted as the film was given the same R rating as “The Conjuring” by MPAA. The reason it was rated R was because of the “sequences of disturbing violence and terror”.

6. Ward Horton’s other profession

Annabelle Ward Horton model
Image via Youtube & Wilhelmina Models

If the male lead of “Annabelle” looks familiar to you, well, it’s not completely by coincidence! American actor Ward Horton was a model repped by Wilhelmina Models company and has appeared in various magazines.

7. Toy version of Annabelle

Halloween seems like it’s going to be filled with a bunch of scary pranks as Mezco Toyz has announced that they will soon released merchandise based on Annabelle the doll! There’s no info about the toys yet but it is expected to be released this Halloween.

Starring Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton, the film is slated for release on October 2, 2014 in Malaysia (general release).

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