From acting as a flower boy to a president assassin to a rich spoiled brat, South Korean actor Lee Min-ho is not one to fool around with as he takes his acting job seriously. On TV, we’ve always seen him as the kind of person who wastes no time to get what he wants but we’ve also seen the cute and romantic side of him, making fans fall hard for him.

Lee Min Ho

All thanks to his iconic starring role in Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers”, the actor began to appear on every major Korean drama and swept women of the world off their feet with his charm. After taking our breaths away with his global tour 2013, the actor will once again make Malaysian fans swoon as OSIM (M) Sdn Bhd will be bringing Lee Min-ho to Malaysia as the newest ambassador for their latest lifestyle product – OSIM uDiva!


But before we get to meet him, here’s a little bit more information about the charming actor:

1. Dreams to become a professional football player and idolises Leonardo DiCarpio

Lee Minho favourite sport football

While the actor dreams of acting in Hollywood movies, he stated he has always wanted to be a professional football player since young. He was even selected for the youth football class of South Korean manager and former player Cha Bum-Kun. An injury in 5th grade of hindered him from pursuing his dream but that didn’t put an end to his passion for football. The actor also mentioned that his favourite football player is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. In terms of acting, the actor idolises the Inception star Leonardo DiCaprio.

2. Min-ho’s ideal woman

During an interview with Cosmopolitan, the actor described that his ideal type is an open and cheerful girl who is cute and lovely. “Even if I get tired and upset from work, she can make me happy just by being near me. I think this kind of girl is very attractive,” said Lee Min-ho.

3. “My Everything” album


The actor ventured into the music industry by releasing a special album “My Everything” to thank his supportive fans. The actor spent 2 years’ worth of time and effort to produce the album and donated part of the profits from the album’s sales to charitable organisations. In fact, the actor made it to a point to perform a song off the album at every fan meeting he has ever hosted. While he sings, the actor closes his eyes to make sure that he’s tuning into his imagination and sinking into the lyrics.

4. Favourite book


The actor revealed that he’s not much of a book reader but he has been trying to make the effort to read more books. Last year when he got into an accident, Minho read a book called “The Present” by Spencer Johnson and claimed it’s his most memorable book as he received a lot of strength from it.

5. First Korean artiste to appear on China’s CCTV’s Lunar New Year gala


As it was regarded an honour among Chinese artistes to perform at China’s CCTV’s Lunar New Year gala, this year’s gala garnered great attention as Lee Minho became the first Korean artiste to be invited for the gala. That episode alone helped the TV network to get the highest viewer rating, as the artiste was invited to sing “Qing Fei De Yi” with Harlem Yu, the original singer of the theme song of “Meteor Garden” aka the Taiwanese version of “Boys Over Flowers”.

6. Sleeping habit

The actor has always preferred sleeping than eating during breaks in between filming. In fact, the actor mentioned that he has this habit of talking while he sleeps.

7. First leading role on big screen

Lee Minho Gangnam Blues leading role

It has been confirmed that Lee Min-ho will join the cast of Yooha’s upcoming noir action film “Gangnam Blues”. The actor will take the lead role and it will be his first time acting on the big screen. Set in the 70s, the film revolves around the real estate development boom that swept across the Gangnam district in South Korea. It was said that the actor wanted to portray the manly character in the film to prove his versatility as an actor.

For more information, visit OSIM’s Facebook page.

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