Uh, oh! Yet another set of pictures have surfaced online, claiming that BIGBANG leader G-Dragon was caught on a date with his rumoured girlfriend, Kiko Mizuhara!

On September 24, a Japanese Instagram user claimed that G-Dragon and Kiko are currently dating as the picture came along with the caption “G-Dragon and Kiko’s date in Miyakozima, Japan.

G-Dragon Kiko Mizuhara


It’s not clear if Kiko is the woman in the picture but many claimed that the model was previously spotted wearing the same striped sweater in another picture.

Despite wearing a hat and a mask to cover up his face, many recognised G-Dragon in the pictures as he can be easily recognise by his Keith Haring tattoo on his arms. Regarding the alleged dating pictures, the JiKo pair have not commented yet but in the past, the 2 have always clarified that they were merely friends.

In case you haven’t heard, G-Dragon was said to be dating the Japanese model after a private Instagram video was leaked online.

In the video, the singer was doing the #ALSIceBucketChallenge and nominated 3 persons, including the model which he lovingly called, “My dear Kiko”.

G-Dragon Kiko Dating

From being noticed at restaurants to amusement parks, to G-Dragon’s birthday party in Vegas, the 2 have been spotted together on numerous occasions since 2010.

Now, netizens continue to speculate and dig up more evidence to prove their relationship but what do you think? Are the lying about the relationship? Do you think the 2 are just friends with common interests? Let us know in the comment box below!


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