One of the surest way to tell if the company if stupendously rich is to take a good look at their HQ. You might’ve already seen Google’s Global HQ, located at Mountain View in California, which was featured in 2013’s “The Internship”. Now take at look at Apple’s spaceship.

The tech giant is in the midst of building a new corporate HQ befitting of their success in the industry. The Norman Foster-designed Campus 2 (commonly referred to as “The Spaceship” due to its distinctive circular design and overall futuristic qualities) will add 2,800,000 square feet of office space to the company’s Cupertino, California operations, and it will hold more than 12,000 employees.

See the pictures from past renderings here:


But that’s not all. The ring-shaped “The Spaceship” campus will also be entirely powered by renewable energy, thanks to one of the largest solar arrays ever designed for a corporate campus.

In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook is already boasting that that the building will be great for the rest of us earthlings who won’t work there. Speaking at the environmental nonprofit event Climate Week NYC, Cook said, “We’re building a new headquarters that I think will be the greenest building on the planet.”

Watch! His comments start at the 1:15 mark in this video:

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs oversaw the building’s design before his death, but the campus has struggled to get off the ground. It’s reportedly USD2 billion over budget and it’s been delayed by at least a year. “The Spaceship” is currently set to be opened in 2016. Okay, where do we send our CVs?

Meanwhile, Apple is expected to make a few more product announcements next month which includes the new iPads and the OS X Yosemite. Will there be new MacBooks too? We can’t wait to find out!

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