Astro’s viewers will now be able watch the latest US series on a same day and date basis as its premiere broadcast in its country of origin as a result of Astro’s “Same Day as The US” campaign. Astro spearheaded the campaign and worked together with its channel partners HBO, Fox, SPE Networks, NBC Universal and AETN and many more, to provide as many series from the Fall TV line-up just hours after the broadcast in its country of origin. Viewers will now be able to find not only the latest local and regional shows on Astro but also the latest US and UK series.

From now to mid-Oct, ‘Same Day as The US’ on Astro campaign will see no less than 16 new and returning series premiering within hours after their respective US and UK premieres. Amongst them are the much awaited Downton Abbey (which Malaysia incidentally will broadcast before the US), The Blacklist, Scandal, Revenge, The Voice, The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Resurrection, and many more.

Revenge ABC


Just as well, since we’re big Revenge fans anyway!

To empower customers with greater flexibility in their viewing, they also have time-shift options such as recording through the Astro Byond PVR. We have also been able to secure several series to be made available on a video on-demand basis on the on PVR)/STB and Astro-On-The-Go. Customers have to connect their PVRs to the internet or go to Astro-On-The-Go to catch-up on previous episodes for the current season.

Astro’s “Same Day As The Us” campaign will start off with The Walking Dead S5, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S2, Scandal S4, Revenge S4, The Blacklist S2, Boardwalk Empire S5, and Resurrection S2, and they’re currently looking to add on to this line-up. Not only will customers have the pleasure of watching their shows on the same day as the US in HD but also at their convenience when they choose, where they choose and on the screen of their choice be it on TV, online, or on mobile.

Astro Same Day As US Campaign

“Same Day as The US” and UK titles on air and upcoming on Astro include:

  • Downton Abbey S5 (Sept 22 – DIVA, CH702)
  • The Blacklist S2 (Sep 23 – AXN, CH701/CH721 HD)
  • The Voice S7 (Sep 23 & 24 – AXN, CH701/CH721 HD)
  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2 (Sep 24 – FOX, CH710)
  • Scandal S4 (Sep 26 – StarWorld, CH711/CH722 HD)
  • Revenge S4 (Sep 29 – StarWorld, CH711/CH722 HD)
  • Resurrection S2 (Sep 29 – Lifetime, CH709)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2 (Sep 30 – DIVA, CH702)
  • The Walking Dead S5 (Oct 13 – FOX, CH710)

Now we have every reason to play couch potatoes, right?

For more information, visit Astro’s website.

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