The former celebrity power couple, Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse are reportedly dating again as the two were spotted kissing with each other at Faye Wong’s home in Beijing on last Monday.

Chinese media outlet Sohu uploaded their kissing footage and broke the news that both of them have rekindled their love affair of 11 years ago. Despite the 11-year age gap, Chinese pop diva Faye Wong and Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse have once again surprised the world with their dating news.

Faye Wong Nicholas Tse reunion

The two had previously shocked the world with their relationship back in 2000 but went separate ways in 2002. At that time, Nicholas Tse was rumoured to be having a love affair with Hong Kong actress Cecelia Chung during his relationship with Faye Wong. Tse and Chung then got married in a secret wedding ceremony circa 2006 and had two sons together: Lucas and Quintus. As for Wong, she went on to marry actor-turned-businessman Li Yapeng in 2005 after a failed marriage to Chinese rocker Dou Wei.


However, Nicholas Tse filed for divorce in 2011 after his wife caught up in Edison Chen’s sex scandal circa 2008. Despite their 8-year marriage, Faye Wong divorced her husband in September 2013 and is sharing custody of their daughter with him.

Since then, both Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong have kept themselves out of the limelight but were never seen being back together until recently. According to Chinese reports, Tse stayed at Wong’s house for 5 days and the pair was seen acting lovey-dovey together. The pair was even spotted kissing on the balcony, on the bed, and the living room.

The video footage quickly went viral online and netizens were divided by the news of their reunion. Most netizens are claiming that they are disgusted with their complicated love life while the rest congratulate the couple for getting back together.

Faye Wong pregnant Nicholas Tse

Also, rumour has it that Nicholas Tse will become a father as the pop diva is pregnant again!

Chinese media even reported that Faye Wong has spent 5,000,000 RMB to invite 10 monks to recite the “Diamond Sutra” for 7 days. An insider confirmed to Chinese media that Faye Wong is currently pregnant for almost 2 months. In fact, the star is reportedly gorging on health food with vitamin supplements every day to prevent from growth retardation and preterm birth.

Faye Wong Nicholas Tse

As of now, both Tse and Wong have not released any official statements regarding the report but Tse responded to Apple Daily and said, “I’m on a plane now, I won’t respond. Thank you.”

What do you think of the return of the celebrity couple? Are you happy that they are finally back together? Let us know in the comment box below!


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