For years, we have been trying to crack the code behind the mysterious pineapple incident in CBS hit TV series “How I Met Your Mother”. Which pineapple we are talking about, you ask?

If you’ve been following the series since its first season, one of the episodes showed Ted Mosby (played by Josh Radnor) waking up to a woman sleeping right next to him and a pineapple on the other side of his bed. And because he was drunk, he forgot how the one-night stand happened and how the pineapple ended up in his house.

Gif via Xclusive Touch
Gif via Xclusive Touch

Fortunately, Ted managed to find out the girl’s identity but the pineapple mystery was never solved. And no Marshall, you are not the only who is curious about the Pineapple incident! For the longest time, Ted and his friends were trying to piece together the events of the evening but no one could figure it out.


And so, we thought it could be related to the alternate ending but now it seems very unlikely after the ending leaked online. However, Buzzfeed surprised the Internet as they revealed the answer behind everything in a new exclusive deleted scene from the show!

And it CHANGES everything! Well, since we can’t embed the video so head over to the Buzzfeed article for a shocking explanation! More deleted scenes from “How I Met Your Mother” will be revealed in the complete series DVD that is set to be released on September 23, 2014.

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