Erase everything you’ve ever known about vampires or Dracula because you’re about to be served with the real deal – Dracula Untold.

Dracula Untold is an upcoming Irish-American dark fantasy action horror film directed by Gary Shore and written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Based on the novel Dracula by Irish novelist Bram Stoker, Dracula Untold portrays the origin story of its title character, Count Dracula. The film explores the origin of Dracula, weaving vampire mythology with the true history of Prince Vlad the Impaler, depicting Dracula as a flawed hero in a tragic love story set in a dark age of magic and war.

Dracula Untold Poster


The full cast is as follows:

  • Luke Evans as Vlad III Țepeș (the man who becomes the mythological Dracula)
  • Sarah Gadon as Mirena, wife of Vlad
  • Dominic Cooper as Mehmed II
  • Samantha Barks as Baba Yaga, a beautiful woman who turns into an evil witch
  • Art Parkinson as Ingeras, son of Vlad/Dracula
  • Charles Dance as Caligula (the Roman emperor turned vampire and the one who turns Dracula into a vampire)
  • Charlie Cox
  • Will Houston as Cazan
  • Ferdinand Kingsley as Hamza Bey
  • Noah Huntley as Captain Petru
  • Dilan Gwyn as Governess
  • Zach McGowan as Shkelgim (a gypsy chief)
  • Ronan Vibert as Simion “The Wise”
  • Diarmaid Murtagh as Dimitru
  • Thor Kristjansson as Bright Eyes (a former slave who is now an assassin in the Ottoman Army)
  • Joseph Long as Ömer

By the looks of the trailer, it ain’t gonna be your ordinary Dracula movie, peeps.

No “bling bling in the sunlight” vampires or Ian Somerhalder here, no siree:

Dracula Untold will be released in a cinema near you on 2nd October.

For more information, visit the movie’s official website.

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