What time is it? It’s ADVENTURE TIME!

September is going to be filled with awesomeness as Cartoon Network’s hit show, “Adventure Time”, will return to our TV screens with Season 6! The two unlikeliest heroes, Finn and Jake will once again take us on a mystical ride through their epic adventure into the Land of Ooo and encounter its colourful habitants!

Adventure Time Season 6


As Finn and Jake continue to traverse the mystical Land of Ooo, the highly-anticipated new season will feature some of the biggest revelations, in which Finn finds out that his father is still alive and jumps on a quest to find where he might need to commit a cosmic crime!

We don’t mean to spoil the fun but the new season will also feature a flashback of Marceline the Vampire Queen and a wobbly relationship between Finn and The Flame Princess! Oh, isn’t that exciting? 😉 Can’t wait to see how their relationship will level up!

Finn and Flame Princess

Throughout the season, a few episodes will be written and storyboarded by freelancers. Masaaki Yuasa, a Japanese anime television and film director and animator who was hired by the creators of Adventure Time to direct one of the episodes, titled “Food Chain”. As the title suggested, Yuasa will use his quirky and free form style to give us an exciting insight from the world food chain to the actual food chain.

“Adventure Time” is an Emmy award-winning original animated series that debuted in April 2010 under the wing of the first-time series creator Pendleton World in partnership with Cartoon Network Studios. The show became a pop culture phenomenon around the world (including Malaysia) and received numerous entertainment award citations over the years including the prestigious BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Awards, the Critics’ Choice Television Award, the Television Critics Association Awards, and the Primetime Emmy Award.

Adventure Time Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

As the show has amazed millions worldwide, “Adventure Time” has grown tremendously in retail with its own apparel and accessories line, toys and games, comic books, interactive and home-videos. From character figurines to plushes to Finn’s role play sword, the beloved characters of the show are now available in an awesome toy range at Toy R Us. In fact, fans will be able to take their experience into real life by getting their first-ever apparel range available at Parksons and Radioactive stores from October 2014 onwards!

Can’t wait to watch the show? Tune in to Cartoon Network (Astro Channel 616) every weekdays at 5pm for the all new episodes of Adventure Time! Homie help homie. Always 😉

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