What, you didn’t think that Apple has called it a wrap for 2014, did you? Not so soon! Hot on their heels after announcing the iPhones and the Apple Watch and releasing the new iOS8 just today, the tech company has scheduled a few more announcements for next month.

According to Daily Dot, Apple is set to launch 2 new iPads and the next version of its Mac operating system, OS X Yosemite, at its next event!

This would officially mark the 6th generation of their iPad and the 3rd edition of the iPad mini. The iPad is expected to have a 9.7in screen, while the new version of the iPad mini will have a 7.9in screen.


Apple New iPad Announcement 2014

On top of that, there has been really exciting rumours about the upcoming OS X Yosemite, which has apparently undergone a complete visual overhaul.

Trudy Muller, a spokeswoman for Apple, declined to comment. Naturally, since Apple has always loved keeping everything under tight wraps anyway. Until it becomes impossible to ignore, such as this massive structure that was specifically built for the iPhones and Apple Watch announcement just the other day.

Apple’s next launch is scheduled for October.


According to Recode, Apple’s planning to hold the above mentioned event on 16th October. Just in time for us to start writing letters to Santa because dayumn, we really would like a new iPad mini! Please?


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