Ooh it looks like our Queen Bey and a certain Mr. Carter are teaming up do create a little something special together.

Larli Henriquez, Vice President of Pop Programming at Dash Radio, tells E! News the married musical pair are joining forces to put together a “huge” new album. Dash’s DJ Skee broke the news on-air after getting word on the collaboration from sources close to Bey and Jay’s camp, adding that the album is set to be released in late 2014 or early 2015.

What?! All this is coming right after they wrapped up their highly successful joint tour? Where do they find the time?


Jay Z Beyonce New Album

One thing’s for sure, this will further squash rumours of a divorce in the horizon as, let’s face it, no power couple dealing with trouble in paradise will be able to stand each other long enough to not only do a “On the Run Tour” but also spend enough time in the studio together to cough out a joint album. Also, if Beyonce’s and Jay Z’s past collaborations are anything to go by, we know that this rumoured upcoming album will knock the socks right off your feet!

Here’s one of our all time faves:

Now, back to speculating what we can expect from the upcoming album!

What kind of songs will be on it? Will they surprise drop” it on us like Queen Bey’s last album? Is there going to be an “On the Run Tour” part 2 after? Imagine the music videos though. So much excitement!


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