The last time YouTube artistes Janice Lee and Sonia Lee uploaded a video (on their Jayesslee YouTube channel) was easily a year ago. One might assume that since they’re both mothers now, motherhood might’ve been taking up so much of their time that they simply can’t be making any new videos. Or worse, what if they’ve decided to drop YouTube altogether?!

Oh the horror!

Jayesslee Sonia Jordan Janice Shane


Never fear, the twins are back! They uploaded a cover song snippet video of Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj’s “Bang Bang” a few days ago in celebration of their birthdays. It was also an opportunity for them to formally introduce their sons, Shane Lee and Jordan (previously Jayden) Yang. Of course, if you’ve been following them on their respective Instagram accounts (thejanicelee and thesonilee), you would’ve already met their sons plenty of times!

But we digress.

Anyhoo, in the YouTube video’s description for their “Bang Bang” cover, the twins said:

Hi everyone!

It has been a long time. Sorry we’ve been MIA on YouTube but we promise we had a good reason.

As it is our birthday today, we wanted to take the opportunity to officially introduce you all to our boys, Shane and Jordan!

We have also included a short snippet of a new cover. It is challenging to get it right with the kiddos screaming in the back but we hope you enjoy it.

Thank you again for being so patient and for your understanding. Ya’ll are the best fans ever!


Much love,
Janice and Sonia

In the video, they’ve also apologised for being away for so long and described motherhood as challenging. Aww. But they’re doing such a great job though, we think! Totally warrants the being away. We love you girls so, so much. Happy belated birthday, Janice and Sonia!

Watch the video here:

As always, don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel!

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