Ugh, Monday. As always, we dread the first day of the week. Not only because it means that the weekend is over. There’s also the Monday rush hour in the morning, scrambling to have our brains kick back into gear, about a tonne of e-mails to reply, and the desperate need for coffee. And believe us when we say that we haven’t had any coffee – yet.

But here’s one thing that we do have. Some Starbucks humour to kick start your day.



A viral video recently surfaced, one that depicts Starbucks baristas misspelling your name and the “real reason” behind why they do it. Oh, you know the one, when a barista spells “Jessica” as “Gessika” or “Suzie” as “Soozee”. If getting a double-shot espresso isn’t enough to jolt you awake on a Monday morning, well, we’re pretty sure that the misspellings will.

And you know what happens when a barista misspells your name, right?

Starbucks Misspelled Name

You take pictures, you send them to your friends, you upload it on Instagram, you share it on Facebook, you probably post it on Twitter too and caption it something amusing or express your irritation. All in good humour, we’re sure!  The results? The barista gets to annoy/confuse you, your day is kick-started, everyone else on your social media platforms gets a good laugh, and Starbucks gets their free mention. What, you don’t believe us?

Watch the video! Warning: Some profanities in here:

Of course, the above video was not funded by Starbucks in any way. It was produced by filmmakers Paul Gale and T.J. Misny and the script is based on a monologue by writer John Purcell (who makes an appearance at the end of the video as “John).

In barely a week, it has garnered over 6 million views. Why? Perhaps because going to Starbucks has become a shared experience. And misspellings on your Starbucks cup has also become a shared experience. But whether or not baristas are messing with you and your name on purpose, we’ll never know.


Starbucks Creative Doodles 3

In other news, we found some very interesting Starbucks cup doodles on Twitter just over the weekend. Why is this related to Starbucks baristas misspelling your name? Well, it isn’t really, but it’s worth giving credit for. These doodles were done by a creative director named Josh Hara. He has been actively sharing his Starbucks cup doodles/art on his social media platforms and we must say, they’re fancy!

Nevermind that his social media activities suggest that he probably spends way too much time on Facebook or Twitter, check out the cartoon gold that he makes! You might find some useful “life advice” or pick up lines too.


Check out the rest of Josh Hara’s work via the #100coffeecups Twitter hashtag and be prepared to be blown away.

Say, shouldn’t Starbucks hire him?

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