Recent Disney battle aside, a few days ago, controversial producer deadmau5 decided on a whim to make himself and his Meowclaren useful.

As some of you might already know, deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) already has an existing webseries called, “Coffee Run“, where he drives around friends and famous folks to Tim Hortons for coffee. Some of the people who have been on “Coffee Run”s with him are such as Zedd, Eric Prydz, Pharrell, and even Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

However, a couple of nights ago, the mau5 was driving people around for another reason. You see, he was an UberX driver for the night:


deadmau5 UberX Driver Meowclaren

What? Yup! He actually tweeted about a week ago that he was going to do it. But deadmau5 being deadmau5 in all his mau5-ness glory, nobody really took him seriously:

But it happened, you guys! And not only did it happen, he broke in his brand new “Meowclaren” supercar by prowling the streets of Toronto as an UberX driver. Oh, you know the Meowclaren? The USD300,000 McLaren 650S? Yes, that one. Obviously, it was cray cray because which superfan of deadmau5’s wouldn’t give just about anything to ride with deadmau5 in his luxury car and have him drop you off at your desired destination?

Okay fine, maybe they just need to give (read: pay) the UberX fare.

So, as expected, he picked up a couple of fares, including one fan (as seen in the above picture) who needed a ride to Chipotle. After which, he picked up another passenger, Ciara McDonnell. Both passengers shared their deadmau5 + Meowclaren + UberX experience on their respective social media accounts after.


What a lucky fan!:


The official video (released by Uber) of deadmau5 taking on the job as an UberX driver for the night has been released. Check this one out, you guys! You won’t regret it because it’s ah-may-zing:

Well, if it were us, we’d ask for a ride to the furthest place possible just so that we can hang out with deadmau5! Just kidding. Or are we? 😉

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