Oh gosh, our hearts nearly leapt out of our throats upon hearing this piece of news because it’s coming so close after the tragic accident that took the lives of both Ladies’ Code members, EunB and RiSe.

Earlier this morning, it was reported that K-Pop idol boy group BIGBANG‘s maknae Seungri (real name Lee Seung-hyun) was involved in a car accident.

Seungri Car Accident


According to KBS, around 3:30am, the 23-year-old idol Seungri‘s Porsche collided with another vehicle, a Mercedes Benz, in the next lane. The car was traveling towards Ilsan on Gangbyeonbuk-ro, and the accident happened right in front of a Dongbu Ichon-dong apartment.

As result from the impact, Seungri’s Porsche flipped over after hitting the guard rails. 2 people who were in the Mercedes Benz were transported to a nearby hospital after sustaining minor injuries. Seungri, on the other hand, apparently took an ambulance and is undergoing treatment after the accident.

Almost immediately, worried netizens and BIGBANG fans alike flooded the interwebs with questions. However, YG Entertainment confirmed that it wasn’t a case of drunk driving and that Seungri wasn’t injured.

The Yongsan Police Station also cited that Seungri was driving the car, alone, but clarifies that he wasn’t in a state of intoxication. They explained that the cause is still unknown and are looking into the possibility of speeding. Currently, the accident is being investigated and are expected to summon those who involved.

Seungri (centre) with BIGBANG members G-Dragon (left) & Taeyang (right)
Seungri (centre) with BIGBANG members G-Dragon (left) & Taeyang (right)

Seungri was last seen at the launch of YG Entertainment’s latest venture, “NONA9ON”, together with the rest of BIGBANG.


According to allkpop, SBS News reported that Seungri was undergoing surgery for his liver due to his recent accident. However, YG Entertainment once again reassured fans that the idol is okay and that his injuries are not severe.


An agency rep stated, “The report that Seungri injured his liver and is undergoing surgery for it is false… Although he sustained slight internal bleeding, the medical team made the diagnosis that it’s something that will be fully healed if he takes it easy for a week.”

Another rep added, “It’s true he hurt his liver, but he’s just receiving treatment, not undergoing surgery. We expect him to stay at the hospital for about a week. He will participate in the investigation with the police after he finishes his treatment.”

Also, the dash cam video from a witness who happened to be at the scene when the crash happened was just released. From what we saw, it sure looked like an accident due to high speed on the road:

Seungri is really lucky to have escaped with no serious injuries!

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