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Photo via Stafford Brothers on Facebook
Photo via Stafford Brothers on Facebook

(Featured image via Stafford Brothers on Facebook)

We’ve always loved a good sibling duo or any duo for that matter and tonight at the grand launch of Capricorn KL, we’ll get to party it up with none other than the Stafford Brothers. Australia’s hottest export, Stafford Brothers are made up of brothers Matt and Chris Stafford who are currently based in Los Angeles. Known for their performance presence and for their ability to always throw down wild, energetic and engaging sets that takes every party to the next level, Stafford Brothers sure are the life of the party.


Considering that these guys are going to be turning things up at the grand launch of Capricorn KL tonight, we figured you should probably brush up on some fun Stafford Brothers facts.

  1. The Los Angeles based brothers have been ranked the #1 DJs in Australia for the past three years.
  2. They played in Malaysia back in 2012 for Future Music Festival Asia.
  3. They are the first electronic act to be signed to Cash Money Records, a label that includes artists like Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj.
  4. Stafford Brothers’ debut single “Hello” featured Lil Wayne and Christina Milian. The single went on to achieve Double Platinum and has been remixed by Will Sparks.
  5. They have a reality TV series that airs on Australia’s Fox 8 channel. The series follows the brothers as they tour the world, audition vocalists and deal with everyone from managers to girlfriends to fans.
  6. Stafford Brothers launched an online DJ training program and website, DJ Master Course, in September 2013.
  7. Their track “Hands Up” featuring Lil Jon was the anthem for Future Music Festival 2013.

Today, we leave you with one of our favourite Stafford Brothers track “Hands Up” featuring Lil Jon. Enjoy!

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