When Apple launched their shiny, shiny new gadgets this morning, it invited lots of drooling, lots of wanting, lots of fantasising, and also some funnies. Of course, as with anything that’s new, there’s bound to be some haters, some parodies, and some funny responses. Some were from fans, some where from anti-fans, some from tech junkies, some from your average people, and let’s not forget, the brands.

We’ve picked up word about some of the funniest initial reactions that were seen so far. We’re sure the list will grow but meanwhile, check some of these out:

One Plus


Clearly poking fun at the iPhone 6 Plus with this tweet:


This was posted up by Ron Amadeo, a reviews editor at Ars Technica:



Talk about a calm and collected “welcoming message” with a competitive streak:


We’re guessing that they’re referring to the iPhone 6 Plus and how Apple is a little slow on finally introducing 2 different screen sizes. Look at how many the Windows Phone range has:

Sony Xperia

Because Apple CEO Tim Cook presented the iPhone 6 as “bigger than bigger” and hence:

Last but not least.. Samsung They posted up not one, but 2 tweets promoting the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 and the Samsung GALAXY S5, and trended #GalaxyFamily on Twitter while #AppleLive (the Apple launch) was happening. What?:

Which one did you like best? Got any more that you’d like to add to the above list? Drop us the links in the comment box below!

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