He left for a short business trip, and when he returned, found a nasty surprise in his car – a monitor lizard, wedged in the bonnet.

Mr Thum Wai Loong, a Malaysian, posted a video of his scaly surprise his Facebook profile. The video has since gone viral, with over 6,8000 shares and 912 likes as of Tuesday (9th September). It was captioned:

This happened to me just now, imagine hearing strange noises while driving and stopping by the roadside to check.When opening up the car hood and seeing this…Holy %&#*!!!!!! Finally would like to thank the RELA members for their help.


The Assistant Sales Manager for Winston Engineering Corporation told CNA that he had a business appointment on the island of Langkawi on 3rd September, and so he drove from Penang where he lives, to Kuala Kedah Jetty. He parked his car at an open car park in front of the jetty entrance and boarded the ferry. He stayed one night and came back he next day (4th September) at 2:30pm.

The first sign of trouble came about five minutes after he drove off. “After passing two traffic lights, I heard a short tapping sound coming from the engine area,” he related. He stopped by the roadside, and popped the bonnet open to check – then came the “surprise”. I could only see a big fat tail slithering. I didn’t see the whole lizard.”

Mr Thum said he let go of the bonnet and stepped away as a natural reflex. He then called a friend for help, who in turn contacted RELA Corps:

Despite much tugging by 2 men, the reptile stayed stubbornly inside the hood. “The whole process took about 10 minutes. They couldn’t pull it out, so finally they let go and it crawled underneath the car and quickly went into a big drain just beside the car,” Mr Thum said.

It moved so fast, he was unable to get a clear shot, but he estimated the lizard to be around 1.5 metres. “The tail itself was 2.5 feet (70 cm),” he said.

Monitor Lizard Stuck Under Car Bonnet 2

Mr Thum suspects that the monitor lizard climbed in from underneath his car and hid in there overnight. Probably taking a nap before it was interrupted?


Well, at least we can be certain that this monitor lizard story, however strange it might be, is legit.


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