Popular SBS variety show “Roommate” has been signed for a second season so fans can rest their worries about it being cancelled. However, “Roommate” will be undergoing significant changes before returning.

According to Park Sang Hyuk PD, who commented to news outlet Star News:

Season two will be different from season one. We are currently recruiting new members that match the concept of season two. For the first season, we focused on showing how strangers live together in a shared house. Season two will put more emphasis on the members’ personal lives. We will show how people with complexes or hurtful experiences try to overcome their personal challenges. In particular, you will see how they change and grow through “Roommate”.


We are recruiting members while having the concept of season two in mind. People that need support are likely to become the new members. Also, considering the concept of season two, the average age is likely to increase. Like in season one, you will see celebrities that rarely appear on variety shows.

The name of the show will also be changed from “Roommate” to “It’s Okay, Roommate”.

SBS Roommate

Ah, such drastic changes but at the same time, we don’t blame the show producers for making that move. This is probably the best thing to do after 2NE1’s Park Bom, Lee So Ra, Song Ga Yeon, and Shin Sung Woo announced their decisions to leave the show. That having said, we can’t wait to see what the surprises the new season will hold!


33-year-old South Korean actress Hong Soo Hyun and EXO’s Chanyeol are the next members to leave “Roommate” as the S1 of the variety show comes to an end. This comes after the various announcements that her fellow cast members 2NE1’s Park Bom, Lee So Ra, Song Ga Yeon, and Shin Sung Woo have packed up and left the house.

Chanyeol is reportedly leaving due to his busy schedule, which has made it difficult for him to participate in the filming.

EXO Chanyeol SBS Roommate
Source: SBS

For Soo Hyun, her reason for leaving is because she wants to focus on her acting career.


Meanwhile, the upcoming S2 is expected to kick off with some old and some new cast members. One of them is SNSD Girls’ Generation’s cutie pie, Sunny. It was confirmed by the PD that Sunny will begin filming SBS’ “Roommate” S2 as a new member this week. She will be joining other new members such as the recently confirmed g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyun, comedian Lee Kuk Ju, and GOT7‘s Jackson:

SBS Roommate Season 2 New Members

Also, a “Roommate” staff revealed that they’re currently thinking of adding a total of 6 new members but nothing has been confirmed yet. We wonder who else will be joining the cast!

S1 will air its final episode on 14th September and S2’s filming is expected to take place on 13th September. SBS’ “Roommate” S2 is expected to begin airing on the 21st September.


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