For the record, Halloween is not here yet but a Polish prankster put on a “pre-show” for the annual scarefest this year and let loose a mutant giant spider dog!

The Polish prankster, Sylvester Wardega, is best known for pulling off mostly terrifying but hilarious pranks on the public. His latest prank involved a dog dressing up as a giant spider to run after people on the streets in the middle of the night. In fact, the props of human body parts were used in the video as well, taking the scare factor to a whole new level!

The public’s reactions towards the dog were recorded down tape and uploaded to his Youtube channel, “SA Wardega”, where you can find other pranks videos too.


In just a couple of days, the prank video quickly went viral online and racked up over 51,000,000 views on YouTube. Watch:

So, what would you do if a giant tarantula came running after you while you were walking alone in the middle of the night? Seems unlikely?

On another note, we think that spider costume is a perfect Halloween costume for our dogs!

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