Oh, you know, it’s just Zedd‘s intense stare, telling you not to smoke.

The Real Cost, an anti-smoking organisation, recently released a series of anti-smoking videos. One of them featured our very own electronic dance music darling, Zedd. There are 2 videos that feature him – one of them is a full interview with Zedd while the other features an exclusive instrumental performance of Zedd’s hit single, “Stay The Night“:


Sorry, no Hayley in that one though.

In the interview, Zedd talks about his childhood, how he got into music (look out for that one because he tells a cute story about his parents), and where he draws his inspirations from. He also says:

I need to feel inspired, and I need to have energy… for that to happen, you need to sleep, eat, and try to be healthy. You have to know for yourself; what’s right for you, what’s wrong for you, what you would be sacrificing by smoking. What I would be sacrificing is my health and potentially not being able to do what I love, which is making music, for as long as possible, and I don’t want anything to take away from that.


So, you ready to check out the interview? Here:

We’re just like, “Take my money!” even if there isn’t any to be taken. Such a cutie!


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