South Korean heartthrob Kim Hyun Joong, who was previously spotted heading to the police station to assist in investigations for his assault case, has completed his preliminary questioning. It was his first appearance in public since his assault case came to light.

As he made his way to the police station in Songpa, Seoul, he was bombarded by the media. With cameras flashing in his face, he was thrown many questions, to which he responded to calmly, “I’m sorry. I will faithfully carry out the investigation.”


He facilitated a 4-hour-long questioning before leaving at 12:50am on 3rd September. According to allkpop, during the questioning, Kim Hyun Joong stated, “Although it is true that my emotions got the best of me during a fight with words and I hit her once, the rest of (the accusations) are false.”

The said ex-girlfriend, who also hit Kim, was struck multiple times and had bruises on her arms and scratches on her knees, according to police inspector Chung Chae-min, who added that the woman told authorities she needed 2 weeks of hospital treatment.

However, it’s good to note that Kim Hyun Joong’s statement reflects the statement released by his agency, which stated that things got physical between the 2 of them once, and that physical fights did not happen repeatedly.

Kim Hyun Joong assault evidence

The police also remarked to the media:

Kim Hyun Joong admitted to one assault among the four that he has been accused of, he denied the rest. As for the rib fracture, he said that they didn’t even realize it at the time and that it happened when they were just joking around. As much as the statements of the accuser and accused conflict, we plan to bring in Ms. A. again for further investigation if necessary.

We’ll just have wait and see how this case turns out as his ex-girlfriend claimed that there were several instances of him physically abusing her over the course of 2 months.

Meanwhile, the show must go on for Kim Hyun Joong as he’s currently on a concert tour which will bring him to Peru, Mexico, China, Japan, and a number of other countries in Asia.



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